Honorary Chair
Prof. Deepa Kundur
University of Toronto

General Chair
Dr. Ali Nabavi
University of Toronto

Vice General Chair
Prof. Sheldon Williamson
Ontario Tech University

Finance & Publication Chair
Dr. Alireza Siadatan
University of Toronto

Technical Chair (Academia)
Prof. Vijay Sood
Ontario Tech University

Technical Chair (Industry)
Dr Mehrdad Rostami
Power System Studies Team Lead at Stantec

Workshop Chair
Prof Lian Zhao
Ryerson University

Exhibition Chair
Hugo Sánchez-Reategui
Distributed Generation Consultant

Tutorial Chair
Dr. Hadis Karimipour
University of Guelph
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Women in Engineering Activities Chair(s)
Dr. Fatima Hussain
Royal Bank of Canada

Young Professional Activities Chair(s)
Dr. Omid Alizadeh
Quanta Technology

Raed Abdullah
CONAC Past Chair, IEEE Canada

Technical Committee (members)

Dr. David Xu
Ryerson University
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Dr. Afshin Rezaei
York University

Dr. Hani Vahedi
Chief Scientist at OSSIACO

Puica Nitu
IEEE Toronto

Dr. Marjan Alavi
McMaster University